Become A Realtor

Looking to make a career move? Here are some Questions & Answers that may help you make your decision about real estate sales. Real estate sales can be a great income generator, but there are a few things you should consider before making a decision. If you still have questions or if you need clarification on any of the below items, please do not hesitate to contact our office at any time!

1. Can I be a broker without being a salesperson?

No, NYS requires that you sell a certain amount of real estate in order to qualify to become a broker.

2. What character and personality attributes are helpful in building a successful real estate sales career?

While every person has their own talents, we’ve found that the following traits correlate to a successful sales career: being self-driven, highly motivated, business savvy, well suited to solve problems, patient and most importantly have the ability to handle rejection without being deterred.

3. Do I need any formal education to become a salesperson?

Yes, you will need to complete a 75 hour salespersons' prequalifying course before you can receive a license.

4. How busy do you want to be? How energetic are you?

Earning an income in real estate sales is completely dependent on your work ethic. It’s a unique opportunity to be your own boss – the harder you work, the more opportunity there will be to earn.

5. How much money can I make in real estate?

How busy do you want to be? How energetic are you? These are questions only you can answer. You will make dollar based on what you put into the business. Remember - it's commission only.

6. What does it cost to get into real estate?

The cost will vary by county, but generally we’ve experienced average expenses in the range of $750-$1,000 per individual.

7. Do I have to join a real estate board?

If the broker you are going to affiliate with is a member of the local board of Realtors, then you must be a member of the board as well. Check with the local board in your area -- this is not always cast in stone. You DO NOT have to be affiliated with a broker to take the salespersons' course.

8. Can I work part time? Can I keep my day job?

If you choose to join a firm that accepts part time agents, then yes, you can work part time. You should ask the broker you interview with if they accept part time agents.